• Eco -1 Multi charger highly efficient with best performance , used to charge high works batteries, this types of charger auto adjust voltage fluctuations during charging process & self set automatically , due to this features we don’t need to see charger every times . This charger gives 250/500/900 mA output current of charge batteries. • Eco – 1 multi charger, charges 1 to 10 (12V) batteries at a time, and no adjustment need if we connect one or more than one batteries in this charger. • Eco – 1 Multi charger works in voltage range of 180V to 300V. • Eco – 1 Multi Reliable & consist inbuilt LED to show batteries are charging • Industrial , Service center & Shops used Only (Not for Home used ) “DO NOT charge SMF Batteries with this charge HOW TO USE 1. Firstly Dissemble the one nuts and take a wire and provide earthing to the charger 2. And then connect the discharge batteries to the ECO-1 Multi charger + and – tightly with clips. 3. Through the tester check the phase and put the red wire into phase and black wire into the neutral. 4. After that plug the cord of ECO-1 Multi charger into the Main Supply. 5. Leave the deep discharge batteries to charger at night and at morning you will take full charged batteries . 6. No manual setting is needed when we increase or decrease charging batteries numbers . 7. NO MANPOWER SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED DURING CHARGING TIME .

15 Days Return/Replacement Policy - Product return or replacement is accepted by MGA Charger within 15 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.


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