• Active- 24 charger manufacture with best quality with high efficient performance & Used to charge 5AH to 120 AH SINGLE AND DOUBLE Batteries, This charger gives 1 to 10 Amp output current to charge batteries & cutoff voltage(10.8V to 33V) will be SET BY USER . • Firstly We full the voltage through volume and adjust the charging ampere of batteries , then after we PRESS the VOLT button and set the Cutoff voltage of Batteries (10.8V to 33V as per requirement) through volt volume then charger set automatically its ampere according to charging require for batteries . • Active -24 Battery Charger Automatically Cut off where the user cutoff voltage was set , if Battery Charging is Full , that is why its saves electricity / Battery and increase Batteries life. • Active -24 consist Digital meter to show batteries charging Ampere and Voltage alternately . • Active -24 Battery charger have inbuilt REVERSE BATTERY POLARITY PROTECTION • Active -24 is highly Reliable & portable charger. Recommended Charging Voltage For VRLA/SMF Batteries - 13.6 To 13.8 Volt , For Tubular Batteries 14.4 To 14.7 Volt and Recommended Charging ampere Charge the number of amperes or less ampere which is obtained by dividing the battery ampere hours by 10.



15 Days Return/Replacement Policy - Product return or replacement is accepted by MGA Charger within 15 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.


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