• This charger is manufactured with the best quality with high efficient performance and is used to charge high working batteries, this type of charger automatics adjust the voltage fluctuations and ampere during charging , Auto set quickly, so due to this features we do not need to see the charger every time. This charger charges 9A output current battery. • Eco - 9 mini chargers, 1 to 5 (12 V) batteries of 90 AH and above are charged, and if we connect 1 or more batteries to this charger, no adjustment is required. • Increase battery performance and recycle your discharge battery. , Automatic conditioning battery plates make the battery full of energy • Eco - 9 Mini Charger works in voltage range of 120V to 240V. • Eco-9 Mini shows battery volt once and ampere once "Do not charge SMF batteries with this charge."

15 Days Return/Replacement Policy - Product return or replacement is accepted by MGA Charger within 15 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.


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