1.This   charger is capable of charging high quality and efficiently.

2. This charger is able to charge the battery full by charging the charge even when the battery voltage is zero.

3. This charger battery voltage, number of battery type of charging. We can see different once on a LCD.

4. NORMAL CHARGING MODE  - The charging automatic stops  when the battery is charged up to 14.8 volt and start charging  again when the battery is discharged below 13.6 volt ..

*In case of to batteries ,charging starts again when it is lowered to 27.2 volt after turning off at 29.6 volt.

5. SMART CHARGING MODE- Auto smart mode the voltage in the battery keeps on testing the automatic mode and the charging stops when the battery is fully charged.

6. It is used the charge batteries of rating 10AH to 120AH.

7. This charger charged 1to 2 batteries at a time in which no adjustment is required. While in smart mode, the software keeps checking the voltage, gravity of battery.

8. This charger is capable of efficient functioning even in voltage of 100 volt to 270 volt.

9. It gives 1 to 10 ampere output to charge the charger battery.

10. Through this charger we easily charge LEAD ACID, TUBLAR, LITHIUM ION&VRLA battery.

11. Through the knob we can set the ampere according to battery.

12. This industrial, service centre is useful for home and workshop.

13. Active 24 is highly reliable portable charger

15 Days Return/Replacement Policy - Product return or replacement is accepted by MGA Charger within 15 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.


Unit Price: ₹ 2550.00

Tax: ₹ 459.00

Total Amount: ₹ 3009.00