• Eco – 9 MCB, highly efficient & Multi purpose used to charge high works batteries at a time, this types of charger self adjust voltage variations during charging & self set automatically , due to this features we don’t need to see charger every time
  • This charger consists MCB have MCB 1 and MCB 2 switches according to ampere required.With this charger we can charge the batteries from 3A, 6A, 9A, 1 with the use of MCBs
  • It can used to Charge Batteries of rating 30AH to 90AH Batteries
  • Eco – 9 MCB charger, charged 1 to 10 (12V) batteries at a time, and no adjustment need if we connect one or more than one batteries in this charger
  • Eco – 9 MCB charger works in voltage range of 180V to 240V
  • Eco – 9 MCB consist inbuilt LED to show batteries are charging or not.



15 Days Return/Replacement Policy - Product return or replacement is accepted by MGA Charger within 15 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.


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